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Hello, you're probably wondering why all of my bases are gone.
well. I've decided to remove them all.

I started making bases 2011?? 2012??
it doesn't really matter, but when I started making bases, it was really fun for me to make them, and it was amazing to see others use my bases to draw their OC's or their favourite characters.

but now that I am a little older, I can see that using other people's artwork to make bases is wrong.
unless you have the artist's approval it's art theft.
And no one deserves to have their art stolen and used that way.
I know it's very late that I realize this,
but I hope you can understand.

I mean no disrespect to other base makers, or people who use bases,
I still use bases for fun every once in a while.
It's a really good way practice how to draw poses and different expressions !
when you're new to drawing bases can really really useful :>

Thank you for using my bases!
I really hoped that you enjoyed them ^^

(I took the liberty to remove EVERYTHING cringy from this account while I was removing my old bases..... there was so much, it took me about 2 hours...
I had over 200 journals.. 200!! and they were all crap. the only journal that I decided to keep was about a  piece of meat with an alarm on it.
because honestly?? that was the only thing that made me chuckle. everything else is dead)

I haven't been active on this account for quite awhile and I don't think I'm gonna use it for a while..... so if you want to check out my "new" account ( BBBXD ) please do! :star:
I actually made an original base on that account, check it out;
Halloween Zombie lineart base

On that account I'll be posting adoptables, bases, doodles and drawings every once in a while :star:
  • Watching: your mother


I don't use this account any more, but if you wanna talk or check out some of my drawings, feel free to take a look at my main account! :star:

my main account is: BBBXD :iconbbbxd:

I hope you have a nice day ! :>

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happy b day
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Make moi plz
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